We are the Buckle Bunnies, a group of young, enthusiastic, and charming ladies. Working directly with the Jack Daniel's Rowdy Cowboy Show, we are sponsored by the fantastic whiskey itself, Jack Daniel's, as well as the delicious Coors Light, and Farm Boy Farm Girl. We became a partnership in August of 2011 with a goal to get our favorite country fans together to not only enjoy the crazy nights with country music, but to enjoy the only drinks you need, Jack Daniel's and Coors Light! Our shows consist of our favorite cowboy who hosts the show, Shayne Michael and the hilarious DJ Kid-George. The Buckle Bunnies can also be found at every show. They are the exclusive shot girls for the RCS. In addition to selling shots at the show they also can be seen doing concert promotions, assisting with benefits, charitable functions, and any other JD events. Being a valuable part of the show, they really go the extra mile to make everyone feel at home and have a great time!